CARLI Consulting founder Kirsty Carr has over 15 years experience in both direct and indirect procurement and has worked within several blue chip organisations and brands across FMCG, Pharma, Automotive and Construction. She has taken this rich and varied industry experience and created The CARLI System  

 Collaboration – Working together to achieve our goals

 Action – Doing as we say we will       

 Reflection – Consistently reviewing and measuring progress   

 Learning – Being open to new ways and methods    

 Improving – Constantly striving for better

Kirsty’s passion lies in :

 1. Educating businesses on the benefits of working alongside procurement by changing the attitudes and perceptions of the function.

 2. Making procurement practices accessible to all business owners

 3. Making Procurement as a career attractive to people from all backgrounds.

Kirsty is also co-chair of ProcWomen, an online community for women working in and adjacent to Procurement.

Kirsty Carr

Helping you to cultivate relationships built on

  • Commitment
  • Shared goals & values
  • Transparency
  • Trust

Working with your existing partners to ensure their services remain

  • Solution and delivery focused
  • Proactive and innovative

We help new business to

  • Understand the benefits of a robust set up
  • Identify process requirements
  • Identify opportunities to create leverage

Carli Consulting works with a network of specialists in the following areas

  • Marketing
  • PR
  • Media Production
  • New Business Development